Several bursaries and fellowships are awarded to student and post-doc BSPR members each year. For 2019 we will offer ten student travel bursaries and two MJ Dunn Fellowships to attend the BSPR 2019 conference in Southhampton (1-3 July 2019). We also offer bursaries for students to attend other proteomics-related conferences of their choice.


Student Bursaries

Students (MSc and Ph.D.) awarded a bursary will receive £250 to help cover meeting registration, accommodation and travel expenses for the BSPR 2018 or another proteomics conference such as HUPO. To apply, please send a brief CV, a statement saying why you wish to attend the meeting and an abstract of the work that you plan to present to Karin Barnouin ( and John Timms ( To apply for BSPR 2019 student bursary, please apply no later than Monday 6th May 2019. Students must be members of the BSPR to apply. By accepting the award, the Society will expect to receive a report on the meeting for inclusion in the Society’s newsletter and webpages.


MJ Dunn Fellowships

MJ Dunn Fellowship awards will be given to cover registration, accommodation and travel expenses for the BSPR 2019 conference. To apply, please send a brief CV together with a statement saying why you wish to attend the meeting, including an abstract of the work that you plan to present to Karin Barnouin (  and John Timms ( no later than 6th May 2019. Applicants must be within six years of completing their Ph.D. and be paid-up members of the BSPR. By accepting the award, the Society will expect to receive a report on the meeting for inclusion in the Society’s Newsletter and webpages.


Scientific Mission Program

The Scientific Mission Program in collaboration with EuPA will support exchange programs of young researchers. This program is dedicated to developing collaborative networks among the different EuPA member communities. A minimum of two EuPA member Societies must support the proposal. The BSPR will support applicants resident in the UK and Ireland. New collaborations, dedicated brief experimental sessions, and training activities will be prioritized. Congress participation is not an eligible activity.


To be considered for this program, you should send a synopsis of the research proposal together with a short CV to Karin Barnouin ( and John Timms ( Successful applicants will receive a presentation letter stating the amount allocated (€500 maximum) signed by the legal representative from BSPR.


The full application to the Scientific Mission Program must be sent to the EuPA Secretary, Christian Kleinhammer (, no later than one month before the scheduled mission. The applicant must produce two letters of presentation from two EuPA societies (signed by the respective legal representatives) stating the allocated amount and a research proposal synopsis (1 side A4 paper). Funds will be transferred to the successful applicant upon acknowledgment of the receiving institution with a letter stating the completion of the proposed activities. EuPA will subsidize this exchange program by matching the amount of the fellowship awarded to the young researcher by supporting EuPA member Societies up to €1000.


Applicants must meet the following requirements

  • Be within seven years of being awarded a Ph.D. (for post-doctoral applicants) or Master/Bachelor degree (for Ph.D. student applicants)
  • Be a BSPR member